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Encounter with Dance and Nature

From July 8th to July 14th, 2024, immerse yourself in seven days of dance,

community, and exploration of Contact Improvisation.

Brinca is an invitation to discover dance as play, risk, and community connection,

delving into learning and practicing Contact Improvisation.

Join us along with 80 participants from around the world.



Mirva Mäkinen

Originally from Helsinki, MIrva is a dance teacher, choreographer, and dancer with 30 years of experience researching and teaching Contact Improvisation. She will facilitate an intensive workshop titled "Horizontal Fall".

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Vega Luukkonen

Vega is a dancer, dance teacher, performing artist, and body therapist "made" in Finland. She has been dancing and teaching Contact Improvisation worldwide for almost 30 years. She will facilitate an intensive workshop titled "Little Wings, Big Wings".

Avital Bar Zuri

Avital is a movement and somatic therapist (DMT, RSMT), and a certified Movement Analyst by the Laban method. Additionally, she has been dancing and teaching Contact Improvisation for 18 years. She will facilitate an intensive workshop titled "Fluid Stability".

Alicia Soler

Ali is a performer, therapist, teacher, and researcher of Contact Improvisation for the past 17 years. Additionally, she is a somatic therapist specializing in trauma. She will facilitate a class titled "The Power of My Attention".

Ilda y María

United by their love for Contact Improvisation and contemporary dance, they start Brinca as a space for reflection, research, gathering, and practice. They will facilitate a class titled "Rolling in, Rolling out".

Simone Tederoca

Simone is an architect, musician, and Contact Improvisation dancer. They organize workshops combining music creation and movement, drum circles, Byomusic, and more. Along with other guests, they will be responsible for creating the sound environment during the Jams.

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Galicia Contact Festival Program



Enjoy 7 days of dance with access to all

Intensive Workshops, Classes, and Jams

with live music at the end of the day.

The price also includes 3 Vegetarian Meals daily

and camping space with bathrooms and showers available 24h

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Mosteiro, Lugo

The festival will take place in Mosteiro, a small village located 25km away from the city of Lugo, in Galicia.

Enjoy seven days of dance and community in the natural surroundings of Mosteiro. We will dance in the newly renovated sports hall, located between the riverbank area of the Azúmara River and the oak grove that shapes the small village.

During downtime, you can relax by the riverbank or take a dip in the municipal outdoor pool. Just a few minutes' walk away, you'll find amenities like bars, a bakery, an ATM, and a supermarket.

The festival provides access to all necessary facilities such as changing rooms, bathrooms, and parking.

In the green areas near the sports hall, we will have two large tents that, along with the oak grove itself, we will use as a dining area and camping areas as desired.


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